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Blooming Branches

Blooming Branches

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Bloom with beauty with our Blooming Branches featuring magnolia flowering branches. Adorn your home with these delicate, yet vibrant branches that will brighten up any room. Perfect for spring or anytime you want to add a touch of nature to your decor. Grab yours now before they're all gone. 


Branches only, not including vase



Flowering Branches Care

  • Clean and fill your vase about a quarter of the way with warm water. Trim about an inch off the stems (smash it lightly using a kitchen mallet if you don’t have shears sharp enough to cut through the thick stem)
  • Keep them in a sunny area to encourage blooming – direct sunlight is okay but it will accelerate the blooming process and they will die faster, so a sunny room away from direct sunlight is best.
  • Change the water and wash the vase at least once a week, cut shorter if needed to fit the vase better and allow for all blooms to open up.
  • Pro tip: You can trim off some of the ‘wild’ pieces and put them in a smaller vase around the house to decorate more rooms!

Don’t forget to tag us on social media and tell all your friends! The flowering branch season is short, don’t let others miss out on the fun and prettiness!


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