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Fresh Eucalyptus Bunch

Fresh Eucalyptus Bunch

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Spa at home!

Unleash the power of nature with our Fresh Eucalyptus Bunch. These long-lasting bunches provide natural aromatherapy at home, great for opening airways. Breathe easy and bring a refreshing touch to any space with this all-natural solution. (Take that, stuffy noses!)

Lasts for 4-5 weeks! We recommend keeping them in water for the first couple of weeks and then moving them to your shower (hang them with a ribbon from the shower head) and enjoy a hot aromatherapy shower at home for weeks and for a fraction of the price!



Please note that we reserve the right to substitute the variety of eucalyptus to the value of the order placed if we do not have the exact variety pictured  in stock due to season or availability.  
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